Georgetown University M.S. in Environment and Sustainability Management – Update March 2022


The Georgetown University M.S. in Environment and Sustainability Management is a new specialized program that the university is offering and I wanted to do a quick update it as admissions deadlines are approaching and there is some new information that I thought might be of interest. I will keep it brief since I did a full write up on the program a couple months ago (you can read about it here).


The first round for applications is come due in April so I would encourage anyone considering applying to start wrapping it up. There is one additional round before the program starts in August.

    • Regular Application Deadline: April 1
    • Final Application Deadline: June 1

The full admission requirements are here.

Program Articles

There has been a number of articles on the program helping to get the name out as well as giving more color on how this degree can benefit students as well as employers. The three posts that I liked the most and found very helpful include:

The first article really goes into why Georgetown decided to create this new program. I found this quote to be very helpful “we have designed the MS-ESM degree for both science-minded students who want to make a business case for their work, as well as business-minded students who want to understand the science behind their organization’s sustainability challenges”.

Sustainability @ Georgetown

The university as a whole has been expanding and enhancing sustainability as a general part of the university as well as the curriculum throughout the school. They have a dedicated webpage on this subject and allows anyone considering attending Georgetown to see what the university is doing within this space.

The mission statement states “Focusing on sustainability within the context of business. We accomplish this through student learning, thought leadership, and convening and outreach with experts in the field.”

That is the update for now. Excited to see how this first class comes together. Incorporating sustainability and environmental management is going to become the norm for every school in a number of years. Great to see Georgetown being at the forefront of this.

Here is a link to the Georgetown University M.S. in Environment and Sustainability Management Program


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