Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance Update

Carey School of Business

The Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance program is very popular and one of the programs I am asked the most about. The whole institution has worked to develop programs and options that fit a variety of different students, from a D.C. campus, to a full time program as well as a part time option. The program has been popular both domestically as well as internationally and the one thing that students have asked about has always been “why isn’t the Johns Hopkins program accredited?”.

Well that question is answered and put to bed. As of February 2017, the university is now AACSB accredited. This is long overdue and solidifies the Johns Hopkins business school as a great place to get your graduate education.

This is a quick post, but I wanted it to be on the record for anyone researching the program on this site. I’ve know the program for years now and watched it update and change over that time. With this accreditation, the business school has finally eliminated the only criticism I have heard from students.

More to follow. I’ll post a new student review and/or student placements soon.


Here is a link to the Johns Hopkins Masters in Finance Program


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