Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering Student Review #1

Lehigh University MS in Management

I reached out to the Lehigh University Masters in Finance Engineering program with my previous post and asked if I could get some feedback from students of the program. The school has been kind enough to put me in contact with two students and I have the first of two student reviews for all of you to read. I will post the other one in a couple of weeks, but I looked at the both of them and think they are great. This additional information should help any of you considering applying and provide a much more full picture of the Lehigh MFE experience. Enjoy!

1) Why an MFE in general? Why the Lehigh University MFE program specifically?
I chose to pursue a master degree in financial engineering because I have been interested in quant finance and risk management since my internship in the financial industry when I was an undergraduate. That is why I wanted to enhance my analytical skills and learn how to apply them to the market, and thus I applied for several finance programs. I decided to go to Lehigh’s MFE program because there are some courses I liked and thought would be useful, it turns out the classes are very useful. For example, Fixed Income prepares you for getting a job in fields of mortgage and bonds. And Econometrics will allow you to master some statistical models like linear regression.
2) Pros / Cons
The pros of the school and the program is, first of all, the class size is relatively small so every student can make use of the resources and get enough attention from professors.  The professors and advisers are very supportive. The campus is beautiful and quiet, a great place for studying. In addition, there are a lot of career events organized by both the university and the program. Prof. Zoro, the director of the program, has connected us with a lot of companies for doing projects and solving real life problems.
The cons of the program is there should have been some classes in programming skills and data analysis, because these skills are useful and make you competitive in the industry.
3) Who would you recommend this program to?
Overall the Lehigh MFE program is a great program. I would recommend it to those who are into quant finance and risk management, and those who enjoy small class size and want opportunities of doing projects with  the program’s partner companies.
I can’t thank this student and the program director enough for this. As mentioned in the opening, be on the look out for the second review shortly!



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