Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering Student Review #2

Lehigh University MS in Management

This is the second student review of the Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering program. I posted the first one a little bit ago and I wanted to make sure I made good on my promise for part two. This review is a little longer and I think a little more in depth. I will continue to try and get more of these for this program and others. Until then, hope this helps!


1) Why an MFE in general? Why the Lehigh MFE specifically?

The MFE at Lehigh where I found different is that the Lehigh MFE program is a cross schools intercollegiate program – students take classes with the engineering , computer science department and Business school. Students in MFE have a high exposure to real work and projects. Just started to work with the MFE, I am doing three different projects among other students. Where we have the exposure to the prediction of the stock market, putting up an investment fund, also we are doing something blockchain related through the projects. Also every Friday the program gets together with Prof. Zoro to network with industry professionals and successful alums, where it prepares the students not only to get good grades here. But to understand the industry and how to apply and thrive in work field.

2) Pros / Cons

Pros is that the school has a great academic curriculum where I find it challenging and the school is very helpful in terms of helping students through advising, counseling, and tutoring. The career center is also a big plus – there are always different types of meet and greet, info sessions, and different workshops to sharpen your skills. The food and accommodation are also good. Lehigh really looks out or the students with needs.

Cons – to be honest I think the school is amazing. I think the common knowledge for Lehigh is that social life could be overwhelming. There are a dozen sororities and fraternities. It is the Lehigh culture. However, students who participate still have good grades and ambitious attitudes towards future plannings. Students like me who don’t participate still have numerous experiences to meet new people and have fun through Lehigh’s diverse events.


3) Who would you recommend this program to?

I’d say anyone. It is a very diverse place academically and culturally. I think Lehigh as an institution has done a great job to make sure students thrive in and outside of the classroom.


4) Anything else you want to add?

The recruiting team is really informative and helpful. I had several chats with the MFE recruiting team and Prof. Zoro and they gave me really good advice on what I need to do and how to be a strong candidate. The student life is diverse as i have mentioned above.

As an international student, it is quite frustrating that Lehigh doesn’t get the recognition (ranking/word of mouth) it deserves. My parents were looking for something big with a high ranking. However, I think Lehigh is the right place for anyone to learn, to grow, and to be a successful individual.





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