Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering Update – December 2021

The Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering program just finished their annual conference and has a number of other updates that I wanted to bring to all of your attention. Lot going on with this program and they have been very helpful in providing me with information and updates for all of you. Enjoy the update and be on the look out for more from this great financial engineering program.

Lehigh MFE Conference

This year was the 3rd annual MFE conference that Lehigh University put on. The conference covers a variety of topics and includes speakers who work in industry and who were past graduates of the program. I will include a link to the conference site here. Previous years topics include:

  • Decentralized Finance and Central Bank Digital Currencies. Moderators: Dr. Hank Korth, Dr. Rod Garatt, Corey Caplan
  • API for Financial Institutions. Moderators: Cate Rung and Brendan Playford
  • Data Forensics. Moderator: Nicholas Gans
  • Quantum Computing. Moderators: Dr. Tamás Terlaky and Dr. Luis Zuluaga
  • Stationarity.  Moderator: Dimitri Bianco
  • Synthetic Data and Stress Testing. Moderator: Sri Krishnamurthy
  • Ethereum/Smart Contracts project presentation. Presenters: Stephen Choi, Matsela Matsela, and Bryan Yekelchik
  • Multi Factor Modeling presentation. Presenters: Randy Parker, Jordan Weintraub, and Bryan Yekelchik

This is a virtual conference which is incredibly helpful for anyone not local. I like that the program puts this together as it provides not only incredible information, but also a platform for networking and hearing from alumni who work in the industry.


Lehigh MFE hosts a regular podcast hosted on Sound Cloud. Over 25 tracks and growing, covering a variety of relevant topics. This is going to be of interest to anyone interested in the subject of financial engineering, not just Lehigh. I’ve never seen a program start and maintain a podcast so this is definitely very unique and interesting.

The Quant / Financial Engineering Podcast

YouTube Channel

Another thing I found very interesting is the Lehigh University MFE has their own YouTube channel. Over 90 videos on a variety of topics (much like the podcast) and of interest to not just Lehigh students.

Lehigh MFE YouTube Channel

More information to come on this one. Keep in mind that the Round 2 deadline is coming up in January so if you are interested in applying make sure your package is almost done. Stay tuned for additional updates on this one over the next couple of months.


Here is a link to the Lehigh University Masters in Financial Engineering Program


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