Lehigh University Masters in Management 2017 Placements

Lehigh University MS in ManagementLehigh University just posted their 2017 placement report and it looks as if the program continues to grow and improve. I posted information in a previous post about the career outcomes for the 2016 class so it is nice to have this new report to compare and contrast. Lehigh worked hard to develop a relevant program for students and you can tell the effectiveness by how well the students do upon graduation. With two years of reporting, you can begin to see how effective the program truly is.

The 2017 placements show two years where approximately 80% of the class had either offers of employment or accepted offers by graduation. Most programs wait until 90 days after graduation to report the percentage of students who received placements, so undoubtably this percentage will go up for Lehigh. That being said, 80% is a great conversion rate at graduation.

Starting salary went down slightly this year, but that is always a tough things to judge as people’s career focus changes year to year. A MiM should have a lower average salary than a MSF program simply because management careers tend to pay less than finance careers. With that said, approximately $61,000 with a roughly $7,000 bonus isn’t bad when comparing MiM programs (Duke reports between $54,000 and $73,000).

Employers range from consulting to corporate finance showing the versatility of the degree. The school includes a good number of outcomes to give you an idea where students place. Looking at last years placements, you see some repeat names such as Deloitte, IBM and Amazon. It is good to see employers taking students from more than one class. Below is the list of employers for the 2017 program.

  • ADP
  • Amazon
  • Andiamo Partners
  • Deloitte
  • Global Lending Services
  • IBM Consulting
  • IMA Consulting
  • Mack Trucks
  • News America
  • Stack
  • Story2
  • Structure Tone
  • Vanguard
  • Vitech
  • Zulilly

I will continue to work to provide more information on this program and please check back for additional student reviews and placement information.

Here is a link to the Lehigh University Masters in Management Program


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