London Business School Master in Finance Program

The London Business School’s master in finance was just ranking #1 in the 2011 FT rankings. I have posted about the program before and think that it is one of the top programs in the UK, as well as the world. The reputation of the school and location is also a strong selling point. London is a global finance hub and LBS places strongly in the London/Europe area. It truly is a premier, global MBA program. It is also a CFA Partner Program which I think is truly the gold standard when it comes to these programs.

For those of you located in the UK, London Business School offers a full time as well as a weekend format.

Here is a link to some of LBS’s alumni profiles. Check it out as it will help you get an idea of if you are an ideal candidate for the program. Placement stats can also be found here.


Here is a direct link to the London Business School Master in Finance program



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