Master in Finance Article on FINS

It is always great to see the Master in Finance degree get more press. I stumbled upon this recent article written by the talented Alina Dizik for FINS website. It features Vanderbilt, MIT and Ohio State, three very popular MSF programs and talks about placements, the newness of the degree and how it is slowly becoming more well known. All things those of us with MSF’s know and have dealt with.

Here is a great excerpt from the article that I think is very relevant and telling:

“As a relatively new degree, the Masters in Finance has significantly fewer alumni and is not always known by employers, says Matt Gardner, a graduate of Vanderbilt University’s MS Finance program, which launched in 2005. At times, getting the attention of companies who traditionally recruit from the M.B.A. program was difficult and Gardner spent more time selling his skills. “It was a little bit of a narrative, but it gave me the opportunity to talk to someone,” says the 30-year-old who received four job offers upon graduating last year and now works in real estate development. “As Master of Finance programs get a little more public, that perception will change.”

You can read the article in full here.


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