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I attended the Graduate Programs Career Fair at Syracuse University the other day and in between meeting some great students I had the opportunity to speak with a lot of schools about their Master in Finance offering. I found out some interesting things I think might be of value to you.

Syracuse University

I spoke with someone in the graduate office about the MSF program at Syracuse. It is in the process of being revamped and when it is finished it is probably going to have a couple specialized tracks. There is also a strong CFA component with MSF students being sponsored for their L1 exams. A top notch professor is really leading up the drive to reinvigorate the program and I have confidence that he will be able to do it. I’ll keep my eye on the program and let everyone know what it starts coming together.


The MMS program has an updated website and I was privileged enough to speak to a recent graduate. She really she a lot of light on the program and I now have confidence in recommending it. The program is still very focused on general business with a large chunk of the class being non business majors, but placements are top notch and the Duke brand is undeniable. Here is a link to their updated website.


I spoke with a very helpful representative from Hofstra who gave me some insight on the program. It is both FT & PT with a total program size of around 200 students. There is a good mix of professionals as well as recent graduates. Placements are mostly in NYC. They also have once of the largest finance labs with 34 Bloomberg terminals. This is very impressive and an absolute asset to students there.


I talked to a Warwick representative about the MSc program there and he really stressed the quantitative nature of the program. He mentioned that an UG in business really doesn’t prepare you for a MSc. Anyone thinking of applying to Warwick should make sure their econometrics and statistics are up to speed. Good news though, he mentioned how much employers recognize the MSc in Europe. If you are looking to work across the pond the MSc will make you stand out.


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