MIT Master in Finance Businessweek Article


MIT’s Master in Finance program is one of the strongest and well respect MSF programs available right now. Their placements are continually strong and they are in the process of doubling the amount of admitted students. Businessweek decided to do a feature article on the program and talk about the advantages of a master in finance degree, as well as the MIT brand and program.

Here is a link to the Businesweek article. Here is a great quote from the article:

“MIT expects students who aim to work in finance, and who may have opted for an MBA in the past, to gravitate toward an MFin in the future. Sloan MFin students are younger than MBAs on average (71 percent of the 2011 class had work experience of six months or less, vs. an average of five years for MBAs). And the MFin student body is predominately international, with about 78 percent of the 2011 class coming from outside the U.S. The median salary for 2011 MFin graduates was $82,000, and BlackRock, Cambridge Associates, Citigroup, Deloitte, and Morgan Stanley were the class’s top hirers.”

Here is a link to the MIT Master in Finance program




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