MIT Masters in Finance Program Update


The MIT Masters in Finance program is one of the most well respected MSF program in the US today and one that nearly every student aspires to attend. Their placements are phenomenal and the program continues to innovate and improve each and every year. I am please to let everyone know that this tradition of improvement continues with a new announcement coming from the admissions team at MIT.

In addition to offering concentrations in Capital Markets and Corporate Finance (new last year), MIT is excited to offer a concentration in Financial Engineering (new in 2016).  Concentrations are not required but in place for students who know what they want to do and which to structure their curriculum to align with their career goals.

The Finance Engineering concentration is ideally suited for students joining the Masters in Finance  program with a solid preparation in mathematics, have programming skills, and will pursue more technical finance roles in industry.  With this new concentration, MIT will have new courses including Advanced Financial Mathematics, Financial Engineering, as well as a list of electives leveraging both the Sloan School as well as MIT.

This is a great addition and allows MIT to provide a tailor made education for students interested in nearly every aspect of finance. I am very impressed with this announcement, especially coming off the heals of their new 18 month option (there is still a 12 month option as well). It is no surprise that the MIT program reported a record number of applications this year as well.

I am working on getting a few student reviews for everyone who reads the site. I’ve had a couple friends go through the program and their impressions and experiences were nothing but the best. Once I have a couple new reviews to post I will get them up here for all of you to read. Until then keep checking back!

Here is a link to the MIT Masters in Finance Program


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