MIT Masters in Finance Update – April 2020

MIT Masters in Finance

The MIT Masters in Finance program is one of the best MSF programs in the US and also one of the oldest. It has been a while since I wrote about the school and I felt that this was something that needed to be corrected. There has been a bunch of changes to the program and I will use this post to both highlight these changes as well as provide a general refreshed overview of the masters in finance program.

2020 Class Profile

MIT is always really good about providing a detailed class profile every year. I always like to start these kind of posts with the newest class stats as they really help potential students gauge their competitiveness.

  • Class Size – 116 students
  • GMAT Range (80%) – 700-770
  • GRE Quant Range (80%) – 166-170
  • GRE Verbal Range (80%) – 155-164
  • Average GPA – 3.75
  • Average Work Experience – 14 months

The program pulls students from over 30 different countries, with over 40% of the class being female. Almost half the class comes from hard sciences, with the other have comprised of business and economics majors. A rather diverse class if you ask me, something I know MIT seeks out and encourages.

Program Overview

MIT is celebrating their 10th year making it one of the older MSF programs offered in the US. It is STEM certified, something I have written about before. Optionality is something the program stresses, offering both a 12 month and an 18 month path. Students can concentrate in Financial Engineering, Capital Markets or Corporate Finance. There are also certificates that are open to all masters students. These allow you to further enhance your education, with certificates in Analytics, Sustainability and Health Care.

Career Outcomes

I am going to do a separate post on the 2019 placement report that was recently published, but I wanted to include in this write up some salient points that I think are highly relevant.

  • >98% of MFin students have a full time offer within 6 months of graduating
  • Median Salary – $95,000
  • 100% MFin students offered internships (18 month program)

These statistics are simply amazing. The median salary is very high for a non-MBA masters. The placements are great, especially considering that a lot of the MIT class is international and the fact that 100% of the students in the longer program received internships.

I checked the site and it looks like the application window is closed for the July 2020 start. Anyone interested should plan on having their application done and ready to submit sometime around January 2021. Tuition is as follows:

  • 12 month option – $85,807
  • 18 month option – $118,177

This is not a cheap program, coming in at the high side for an MSF, but the placements and starting salary look like there is positive ROI for what you pay for. I will be posting a write up on the full placement report last this month that will give you more color on the wonderful career outcomes MIT Masters in Finance students have achieved. Check back soon!


Here is a link to the MIT Masters in Finance Program


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