MIT Masters of Finance Admission Advice Video

The MIT Masters of Finance program is extremely popular with my readers and rightfully so. MIT’s reputation as one of the best schools in the country, including having a top ranked business school, make the program popular with both domestic and international students. The emails and messages I get routinely center around reviewing profiles and questions about an individuals application and competitiveness when applying. I try my best to answer these questions, but the the ones who are most qualified to provide guidance are those individuals in the admissions office.

Well Diane Jordan, Associate Director of Admissions for the MIT MFin program, took time out to make a great video giving students some pointers when applying. I watched the video and found it to be very information for myself and I am sure you will find it helpful if you are considering applying. Below is the video for anyone interested.



Also, here is a link to the MIT Masters of Finance Admissions channel. Lot of good videos on admissions, a day in the life, professors, etc. Very good research material.

Here is a link to the MIT Masters of Finance Program


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