MIT MFin Student Blog Post

The MIT MFin program is arguably the best degree of its kind offered in the United States. The school and program have worked hard to achieve this, through continually improving and updating their program, as well as being incredibly transparent and informative about what the program offers its students. Because of this philosophy, I have been able to post continually throughout the years about the MIT program, allowing those who read this site to be well informed about the MIT MFin program.

One of the great things MIT does is have student blogs for the various programs they offer. It is my opinion that these, along with student reviews, are the most helpful when it comes to students trying to learn about a program and decide if it is something they want to apply to. Luckily, the MIT MFin program has two such blog posts for all of you to read. One is short, but the other one is long and rather detailed. There are a number of other posts for different programs if you are looking for a general overview of the school and what campus life might be like as well. You can find links to the specific posts, as well as the landing page for all future blog posts in the hyperlinks below.

All future blog posts can be found here.

Here is a link to the MIT MFin Program


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