MIT MSF Gains STEM Classification


The MIT MSF program recently gained STEM classification which is a further improvement to an already top program. The benefit of this is mainly for international students who can remain in the country for up to 24 months post-graduation via OPT. For those international students looking at US MSF programs, this is a huge improvement and shows how the MIT program continued to develop.

This announcement comes on top of the Financial Times releasing their newest rankings. MIT came in as first in the US and fifth globally. This is really impressive as the FT rankings have matured over the years. Being ranked as high as MIT is shows not only the reputation of the school, but how the people who run the MIT program have been able to continually offer a world class product to students.

All of this has translated in increased applicant and increased interest. MIT received 2,083 applications this year, the most in the programs history. These applicants show how in demand a specialized masters degree is from a top university. Salary and placement stats continue to reflect this quality (93% placed within 3 months, $80,000 average starting salary).

You can read the full release here.

Here is a link to the MIT Masters in Finance Program


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