MIT Sloan Experts : How Master of Finance students apply classroom skills to real problems



I found a great article talking about MIT Master in Finance student utilizing their classroom knowledge in the real world. For the year 2012 MIT has a handful of real world questions that master in finance students will work towards solving and understanding. A few of the questions to be looked at include:

  • How has the 2011 European sovereign credit crisis changed the pricing relationship between sovereign bonds and credit default swaps written on those bonds?
  • Why do 401(k) investment options offer daily liquidity when such liquidity is expensive and unnecessary?
  •  If one wants to back-test a long-short investment process, how should the fall of 2008 – when shorting in many stocks was banned – be treated in the back-test?


You can read more about it here.


You can learn more about the Master in Finance program at MIT by following this link.




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