Northeastern University Masters in Finance Update – May 2020

Northeastern University

I have written about the Northeastern University Masters in Finance a number of times, but the program has changed and updated to a point that I think it would be highly beneficial to write a comprehensive summary post for all of you trying to find a quality MSF in the Boston area. I will also reach out to the university to see if I can get some help with a student review. Boston has a number of great MSF options for anyone considering the degree and I know I have been asked about the Northeastern program with regularity.


Northeastern University has three MSF options for you to choose from: Full-Time, Part-Time, and Online. The full time program is STEM certified and ideal for international students as well as recent graduates. Part time is best for working professionals in the city and the online program is ideal for experience individuals as well as those who demand the flexibility that online provides. All three are 30 credit hour programs.

The full time program begins in September, takes one year to complete and has classes at the Boston campus for Northeastern. Same for the part time program, although it can take up to 21 months with various graduation times.

The part time program has 6 different starting dates, ideal for those who don’t want to wait and get right to studying. You can complete the program as soon as you meet the requirements, but graduation will officially be in August.

Application requirements are as you would expect. What is nice is all three programs have a GMAT waiver policy. Tuition for this program is $49,200 (30 credit hours x $1,640).

Final application deadline for the full time program isĀ June 15th.

Class Profile

The Northeastern University MSF program provides a class profile for all three programs. I think this is nice as they are usually different, with the PT programs being more forgiving of standardized test scores because the student body has more work experience to offset this. There are a couple missing data points, but the below profiles still give you a good picture of each programs relative standards.

Full Time

  • Class Size – 79 Students
  • International – 83%
  • Avg GMAT – 667

Part Time

  • Class Size – 20 or fewer
  • Avg Work Experience – 5 plus years
  • Avg GMAT – 592


  • Class Size – 20 or fewer
  • Avg Work Experience – 12 years



There are a couple things I wanted to touch on that I don’t think necessarily fit in their own section.

  1. Students have the option to choose a 3 credit international study class. Destinations change and obviously, COVID 19 will have an impact on this going forward. This is an interesting option for anyone looking to try and tailor their studies towards something with a global focus.
  2. 360 Huntington Fund – this is a nearly $1 million student run mutual fund. I took part in something similar (although on a much smaller scale) when I did my masters and these are a great way to build experience and gain a feel for making real world investment decisions.

There are some things I want to follow up on, mainly about career placements and outcomes. The school includes a section on this and they do have a focus on students getting jobs once they graduate. Once I find out more I will do an update post. Lots of good things going on with this program though and I am glad I got around to this update.


Here is a link to the Northeastern University Masters in Finance Program


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