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Northeastern University had a webinar regarding their master in finance program a couple weeks ago which they kindly put online for later viewing. I eventually got around to viewing the presentation and liked it a lot. Here are my notes and takeaways for those of you who can’t watch it yourself.


Call Participants:

Anand Venkateswarah, Assistant Professor of Finance

(Teaches corporate finance & Risk Management)

Nicole Boyson, Finance Professor

Evelyn Tate, Graduate Admissions

1) Why Northeastern?

– Build your finance expertise

– Two paths:

a) Investments

b) Corporate Finance

– Convenient & Flexible

– Core classes take place in the financial district of Boston at night

– Experience with the 360 Huntington Fund

– In students 3rd year

– Real Money (~couple hundred thousand – 500K )

– Run as a real class, you get credit for this


– Begins in September

Fall Semester

a) Financial Theory & Policy

b) Analysis of Financial Institutions & Markets

Spring Semester

a) Investment Analysis

b) International Financial Management

Summer Semester

2 electives

Fall (Year 2)

a) Finance seminar (research based class)

b) Elective

Spring (Year 2)

a) Financial Strategy

b) Elective

You also can doing the MSF as a part time, at night program

About the Program

– You don’t need a finance background! (although it helps)

– Lot of real world application w/ alumni support

MSF Profile

– 27 Students

– 3 Years WE

– 41% Female

– 63% International

– GMAT Average 618

– GPA 3.3

What NEU Looks for from Applicants?

– Prior education/strong GMAT scores

– Progressive career exposure

How to apply?

– Feb 1st –> FT

– May 1st –> PT

3 Essays



2 Letters of recommendation


Interview – by invitation


I found the webinar to be very informative and helpful. It is very nice to see such transparency and free flow of information from an MSF program.

Here is a direct link to the Northeastern University Master in Finance Program


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