Pacific Lutheran University MSF Program Update

Pacific Lutheran University Master in Finance

The Pacific Lutheran University MSF program has been doing great things over the past couple of years since its inception. Just recently their MSF students placed first in the CFA Research Challenge and went on to compete in the regional finals. I competed in the CFA Challenge when I was in grad school at it was one of the hardest and most enriching things I took part in while at school. This really is a proud accomplishment.

PLU is also a member of the CFA Institutes University Recognized Program as of April 2013 last year. I’ve mentioned this countless times in the past, but the CFA recognition and association is one of the top things students should be looking at when considering an MSF program.

A little about the CFA Research Challenge:

“The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition—the “investment Olympics” for university students—that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Students gain real-world experience as they assume the role of a research analyst and are judged on their ability to value a stock, write an initiation-of-coverage report and present their recommendations.”

I’m pretty happy to hear about what the Pacific Lutheran University MSF has been doing and will try and get a student review or some more information on the program. If you are looking for a West Coast program I would check this out.

Here is a link to the Pacific Lutheran University Master in Finance Program


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