Syracuse University Masters in Finance Program Update – May 2020

The Syracuse University Masters in Finance program is one that will always be close to my heart as this was technically the first MSF I applied too. The program has made a bunch of updates and I felt like it was time for a refresher post. Enjoy and drop me an email if you have any comments or questions.

Program Overview

This program is 30 credit hours in length and is designed to be completed within one year, although it can be stretched out to two years if students want to take more time. The degree is STEM certified, something that I think is necessary if you want to attract international students to your program.

Students are required to take 12 credits in required classes. These include Corporate Financial Policy and Strategy, Financial Management, Investment Analysis, and General Linear Models OR Time Series Analysis. The rest of the program is at your choice, allowing students to concentrate their studies in a variety of fields. This is something I like and think can be a deciding factor for a lot of applicants.


The admissions requirements are pretty standard. GMAT/GRE, resume, application, transcripts, and a TOEFL for international students. I don’t see anywhere that requires references, which might be a positive for students who were a little quiet during undergrad or otherwise uncomfortable asking for a written reference from someone.

I couldn’t find a class profile, but there is a mention of the average GMAT for 2019 being 634.

May 15th is the final round for applications. This was added because of COVID-19. Tuition for the program looks to be $50,490. This is assuming 18 credit hours in year one, 12 credit hours in year two (academic years). I am sure program costs will vary slightly depending on your schedule.

This is the update for now. I couldn’t find much on placements for the program, but Syracuse alumni are primarily in New York City. The schools is well represented in most banks and F500 firms. Chase has a big relationship with the business school and I know they come on campus for a number of different roles. I would probably advise anyone considering this program to make sure they identify a plan of attack when it comes to networking and finding a job. The brand and school will help, but you will need to put in effort.


Here is a link to the Syracuse University Masters in Finance Program


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