Syracuse University Masters in Finance STEM Designation

The Syracuse University Masters in Finance program just recently received STEM designation, making it one of the growing number of programs to allow international students up to 3 years of OPT status once they graduate. For international students, this is a big selling point as it increases their chance of landing full time employment before their post-graduation visa runs out.

Syracuse Receives STEM Designation

This recent development is just one of the many changes that the Syracuse program has undergone over the years. The program now provides students with three different durations, allowing them to customize based on their needs and timeline.

  • 9 month plan (fall and spring)
  • 16 month plan (fall, spring, summer internship, fall)
  • 18 month plan (fall, spring, fall, spring)

This customization, along with being STEM certified, can allow students up to nearly 5 years in the US. Additionally, the program allows for students to prepare for the CFA, FRM, and CAIA.

2016 Class Profile

  • GMAT – 667
  • GPA – 3.15
  • Gender – 50% M / 50% F
  • International – 100%
  • Avg. Age – 23

As you can see from above, the program really caters to fresh, international graduates. The scores are rather obtainable and the program has been around for at least a decade at this point. Being able to choose electives is also a selling point since it allows students to customize their education. And while Syracuse, NY is a far cry from NYC, it is a lot closer than many other programs. In fact, Syracuse’s location near I-81 makes it easy to get to NYC in about 4 hours.


Here is a link to the Syracuse University Masters in Finance Program


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