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MIT Master in Finance Article

I came across a nice write up on MIT's MSF program by Jackie Wilbur, the executive director of master's degree programs at the university....

How much math do I need for an MSF program?

I asked this myself when I was looking at masters in finance programs and I know the thought must have come across many of...

MIT Master in Finance Blog

The MIT Master in Finance is on of the most asked about and sought after MSF program in the US right now. I found...

MIT Master in Finance Placement Stats

The MIT Master in Finance program has put their placement information online and it is both impressive and telling. I will directly link to the...

Businessweek Master in Finance article

  I found a Business Week article talking about the master in finance degree and its growing popularity. I think it is great that the...

Merton going to teach at MIT’s MSF program

Robert C. Merton is coming to teach at the MIT Masters in Finance program! This is great news for the MIT program, which is...