Temple University Masters in Financial Engineering Update

Temple University

It has been a while since I last posted about the Temple University Masters in Finance Engineering program and I felt like it was time for an update. The university as whole has been growing, with the Fox Business School growing even more. Being in Philadelphia is convenient as well. You can reach all the major East Coast financial centers within 4-5 hours making your job search pretty expansive. All this, combined with a reasonable tuition bill, makes this a very interesting and enticing option. Without any more delay, here are the updated.

STEM Certified

This is important, especially for international students. Being STEM certified gives you an additional 12 months on your OPT (24 months total). For students who have to apply for a visa to stay and work in the United States, the additional 12 months is a godsend. Most of the MFE programs that I have seen have this, but not everyone does. Either way, this is definitely a good thing.

Full Time & Part Time Options

This benefit is mainly for working professionals in the Philadelphia area, but it is still nice to have. Many programs are only full time and the optionality is something very nice. I am a big believer in part time programs as many people reach a point in their life when full time studies are just too costly.

CFA and FRM Results

The program really prides itself on CFA and FRM preparation. Because of this focus, the program deservedly touts having an over 80% pass rate on both tests (at least one level). This is a true testament to their focus on incorporating relevant materials into the program and their students taking their studies seriously. If you are interested in financial engineering and also want to take either test, this is a great selling point.

2018 Application Deadlines

February 15th is the deadline for priority scholarships. This is fast approaching. For all my international readers, March 31st is the deadline for those students. Domestic students have until June 30th to apply if they are interested (although March 31st is the final application deadline if you want to be considered for any scholarship money).

One or Two Year Full Time Option

You can choose to complete the program in either 10 months or 22 months. Both options allow you to take both levels of the FRM, although I would imagine it is much more palatable with the 22 month option. Being able to stretch out your studies is something a handful of other programs have done and it has been pretty successful. This allows for additional time to study, intern and otherwise prepare for the job search.

I will see if I can get a student review or some placement information. This is always of interest and a review would really be helpful. Until then, I hope this update helps anyone interested in the program. Check back soon for more!

Here is a link to the Temple University Masters in Financial Engineering Program




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