Temple University Masters in Investment Management Update

Temple University

The Temple University Masters in Investment Management program has undergone some updates that I thought might be of interest to everyone. The Fox Business School has been moving up in the rankings and anyone who has paid attention to Temple University over the last 5-10 years has seen the school build and develop at an incredible pace. As someone who lived in Philadelphia for 7 years, it has been transformational.

The program is 30 credit hours and offers a 10-month or a 22-month option. It is designed about the CFA Body of Knowledge and students can and usually do take/pass one or two levels of the exam while studying for their degree. Over 80% of students end up passing at least one level of the exam, a rate much higher than the national average (the program advertises over a 50% increase). Students also take the FRM and pass at a high rate as well.

Alumni are well represented in the financial industry and I personally worked with a number of Temple graduates during my time in Philadelphia. People go to work in NYC and Philadelphia, owing to the geography of the school. For those who live in the Philadelphia area, there is also a part time option, with students taking classes in the center city location (right near city hall).

This program is going to be very interesting for anyone looking to focus their career in asset or investment management. The part-time option is great for locals and I am sure the 22-month option will be of interest to international students who are looking to maximize their time in the states.

For those thinking of applying, June 30th is the final round. A limited number of scholarships are available as well. I’ll see if I can get some placement information as I am sure this will factor into your decision making process. More to follow.


Here is a link to the Temple University Masters in Investment Management Program



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