Top 10 Quant Schools 2012 – MIT Master in Finance


MIT is one of the best Master in Finance programs was just recently included in the list of the best quantitative masters in finance program by Advanced Trading. Also, MIT was the only newcomer on the list as well as the only program that was a favorite among all five judges! MIT’s Master in Finance is one of the only programs that cross between a traditional MSF as well as a more quantitative MFE program, allowing it to appeal to students seeking both career paths.

You can read the full write up here. It is a great article, covering all of the top MFE programs in the US. Some of the highlights in regards to the MIT section is the 90% placement at 3 months after graduation (all at top firms) as well as the state of the art finance lab that was built in 1996. With amazing professors, great curriculum and one of the best reputations in the world, MIT’s Master in Finance program continues to grow and gain prominence.

Advanced Trading 2012 Quant Ranking – MIT’s Master in Finance

Here is a link to the MIT Masters in Finance program


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