Tulane University Masters in Finance Update – June 2020

The most recent post I made about the Tulane University Masters in Finance got the attention of the university and they emailed me with additional information that I did not cover in my last post. What they sent was incredibly helpful and it always makes me happy when schools share material with me. Makes my life easier and allows me to provide all of you the best information. Hopefully other schools will follow Tulane’s lead.


The Tulane Masters in Finance degree offers students the opportunity to specialize in three areas: Analytics, Banking and Finance, and Energy. These areas are all strengths for Tulane, especially Energy finance. Being in Louisiana, the university has strong Oil and Gas placements.

Specializations are earned by completing FINE 7660 Risk Management and Applications to Financial Firms or FINE 7670 Risk Management and Applications to Energy Firms and at least two electives from a prescribed list. I always love when schools also MSF students to specialize and choosing electives is a great way to signal to a potential employer that you have an interest and understanding in their specific field.

Start Date

Tulane offers a January start date so students can attend spring, summer and fall (the other option is summer, fall, spring). This flexibility is great. The degree can be completed in 10 months or spread out over 18 months, to allow for a summer internship. This is very helpful for students for students who have no real finance experience or internships and want to allow for extra time.

Real World Experience

Students will get real-world experience in Tulane’s $3 million dollar trading room, equipped with 50 workstations, real-time data feed and a live ticker for continuous market updates. You can also get Bloomberg certified and prepare for the CFA exam. The school is a CFA Partner Program, something that I have talked about numerous times in the past. This is a gold standard in my book.

This was a great update and I am going to try and get a refreshed student review for all of you as well. More to follow.


Here is a link to the Tulane University Masters in Finance Program


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