Tulane University Masters of Management in Energy Update – May 2021

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I have not checked in with the Tulane University Masters of Management in Energy program in ages and so much has changed that I thought it was way overdue for an overview post as if this was the first time I am writing about it. Tulane is one of the older specialized masters universities out there and I have been writing about the school for about a decade now (wow!). Lots going on and I promise to update all of you with way more frequency going forward.


The Masters of Management in Energy is a STEM-designated masters degree strategically focused on the energy industry. The program is 36 credit hours and can be completed in either 10 months or 18 months, depending on the option you choose. The curriculum is developed with the help and feedback from industry experts, ensuring that what you learn will help prepare you for a career within the energy industry. You will also have access to research and other resources through the Tulane Energy Institute.

Students can choose 6 specializations to customize their educational focus and experience. These include Analytics, Banking & Finance, Electric Power, Energy Trading & Risk Management, Entrepreneurship, and Renewable and Sustainable Energy. I love seeing specializations and this specialized masters has all the ones that you would want for a career in energy.


The application requirements for the program are as follows:

  • Online Application Form ($125 application fee)
  • Resume (uploaded online)
  • One Essay (uploaded online)
  • One Letter of Recommendation (submitted online)
  • Undergraduate Transcript/s from Accredited University (uploaded online)
  • GMAT Score Report or GRE Score Report (uploaded online)

International students are required to submit a TOEFL/IELTS/PTE score, a financial support affidavit and an individual course transcript evaluation if you went to school outside the US.


I am going to give you two figures that I got from the website. One is the tuition based on $1,750 per credit hour (as of May 2021). This computes to a tuition cost of $63,000. As with everything, there are additional fees involved (health, technology, etc.). Tulane gives a total tuition and university fee for the Masters of Management in Energy of $69,130.

I couldn’t find information on scholarships or fellowships so I would encourage all of you to reach out to the program an inquire for yourselves (I will do so as well and update all of you in the future).

Also, note that due to Covid-19, applications will be reviewed as they are received. This is wonderful flexibility during uncertain times.


This program has been around a while and I know placements have been very good for the degree, but right now I cannot find any placement reports, etc. I did manage to find some information on where some graduates have found work and the list of firms is as follows:

Deloitte Shell
BPJP Morgan
Capital OnePhillips 66
Hancock Whitney Bank

Love the way this program is structured and I will be updating all of you very soon with more information on this specialized masters.


Here is a link to the Tulane University Masters of Management in Energy


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