University of Cambridge Master in Finance Blog Update

University of Cambridge MFin

The director of the University of Cambridge Master in Finance program keeps a regular blog and has just posted regarding the degree and job market (as it pertains to the UK job scene).  Placement stats upon graduation were very good which shows the strength of the brand and program in Great Britain.

Even with these strong placement statistics there is a concerted effort at Cambridge to make them even better for MFin graduates. They are working to increase career services, screen applicants to ensure they are professional and serious and make sure that they truly want a master in finance degree.

I personally love this blog as it is authored by someone directly involved with the program and it isn’t just they typical cheer-leading that one might assume. It is a balanced blog and instead of resting on great placements and a historic, globally recognized brand, goes further and pushed the program to be better. If you are interested in the Cambridge MFin program check it out and if not take a look anyway.

Simon Taylor – Behind Blue Eyes


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