University of Cambridge MFin Update

University of Cambridge MFin

I thought it was a good time to update everyone on the University of Cambridge MFin program as it has been quite a while since my last post. A lot of great things have been going on and I am sure there will be plenty more for future updated.

Meet Cambridge Alumni and the Executive Director

There will be an informal meet and greet where students who are interested in the Cambridge MFin program can meet with alumni as well as the program Executive Director. It will be an informal event with cocktails available. I’ve been to a number of these events and it is always a great opportunity to meet with people in a casual setting and have your questions ask. Especially nice for US students who can’t take a flight across the pond easily.

  • November 29-30th
  • New York City

This event is by registration only, so please send your CV and final degree score to with one of these subject lines:

  1. ‘New York – Alumni drinks’
  2. ‘New York – Informal meeting with MFin Executive Director’

More information about University of Cambridge events live and online are published here:

Financial Times Ranking

There are very limited rankings for MSF degrees and the Financial Times is one that has been around for a while now. I think their EU/UK rankings are very relevant for students comparing degrees and I have posted the FT’s rankings every year they have done it.

In 2016 the Cambridge MFin programme was ranked first in the world by the Financial Times, moving     up from second place in both 2014 and 2015. This is a really impressive showing and is a testament to the year in and year out quality of the program.

Real World Education

Proximity is key with many of these MFin program. With just over an hour’s travel time between the school and the global hub that is London’s financial district, the Cambridge MFin allows students the ability to have phenomenal real world interactions both inside and outside of class.

  • In daily classes students enjoy a combination of lectures from Cambridge’s faculty as well as industry experts, creating the opportunity to meet influential financiers.
  • The City Speaker Series presents a diverse range of people – from Perry Boyle, a managing director at hedge fund Point 72 Asset Management, to Tirad Mahmoud, CEO of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank – all sharing their work and experience.
  • Networking dinners allow MFin students face to face time with these industry leaders, opening doors to the financial institutions they represent.

Additionally, this real world focus is reflected inside the classroom as well, with a number of projects and Company visits during the school year.

  • Both the Group Consulting Project and the Equity Research Project places small groups of students into investment banks, wealth management firms, private equities, public sector finance and non-financial organizations in a financial role. There, over the course of four weeks, students take on the real life issues these institutions are facing.
  • Companies like Barclays, Citi Group, Bank of England, S&P, KKR, Bank of New York Mellon Newton Investment Management and various Central Banking firms all have direct links with the University of Cambridge, providing a place for students that have made the most of the opportunities presented them.

I will keep everyone posted on new information on the program as time goes on. Until then, I hope this update helps any of you looking at UK Masters in Finance degrees.

Here is a link to the University of Cambridge Master of Finance program


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