University of Florida Masters in Finance Program – October 2023

The University of Florida Masters in Finance program has been one of the top MSF programs out there for a while. Unfortunately, the program is only for UF students, causing me to not write about it as much as possible. With the restrictions on who can apply will make this an option for only a few of my readers, I think it is important to feature how great of a program this is and keep any of you who are attending UF and looking at this MSF updated on all the great things happing.


As mentioned above, in 2013 the UF program closed to non-undergraduate students. More specifically, they are looking for sophomores with an internship secured at the firm they ideally would want to work at upon graduation. Juniors can apply, but should have an internship completed or already confirmed. This is a degree that is completed during the third and fourth year of the undergraduate process which is why younger students need to apply.

Seniors, transfer students, those with work experience, etc – all not eligible for the program. University of Florida offers other graduate degrees for those interested individuals.

The application process is different since students applying are current UF students. GMAT or GRE is not required, but can be used to strengthen an application. The main focus is on two letters of recommendation from professors to the diredtor of the MSF program.


The University of Florida Masters in Finance has consistently had a 95% placement rate at top finance firms. The program is very transparent about where their students went and you can see all the historic placements here. They have placements going back to 2008!

Graduates from the UF MSF place nationally and at all levels and types of financial firms and consulting. Some of the hiring firms for the class of 2023 include RBC Capital Markets, JPMorgan, KBW, Truist, Boston Consulting Group, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, Evercore, Procter & Gamble, Capital One and more. All over the country and all well known names.


The University does an amazing job with their speaker series. I was clicking around and blown away by the speakers they have coming and have had in the past. Great opportunity to hear financial professionals speak about their experiences and network with them for future opportunities.

Students have an opportunity to participate in the Gator Investment Finance. Here you can help manage $1.1MM in AUM as well as learn how to use a variety of industry standard services such as Bloomberg and Capital IQ.

This program is simply amazing. If you are currently attending UF as a freshman, considering where to apply for undergrad with dreams of a MSF or anyone looking to hire MSF students, the University of Florida Masters in Finance program is tops in the country.


Here is a link to the University of Florida Masters in Finance Program


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