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University of Illinois

Many prospective students ask me about the master in finance program at Illinois  and getting an internship. I tell students to try and work an internship in any way possible because it is one of the best way to land a FT job. Well UIUC has a practicum during the fall break the allows you  to get real world experience and help build your network with an area employers. It is a win-win in my book.

The Finance Practicum

” Need some more experience on your resume? The MSF Practicum is your opportunity to work as a member of a 2-3 person team on a short-term finance consulting project at a sponsoring corporation for a two week period in January. The projects are structured so that a finished product is delivered to the sponsor at the end of the Practicum. Each student team is assigned a faculty mentor on campus as a resource and backup support.

The practicum is a win-win program. You gain valuable experience and have an opportunity to significantly impact a company. Corporate partners see the practicum project as an opportunity to use talented, external manpower to tackle a project that requires specialized insight or tools. They also use the practicum as a chance to see your work on the job as a potential future employee.”

They have a list of great employers. I think it is a great thing they are doing and really makes the UIUC MSF program stand out.

Here is a link to the University of Illinois Master in Finance program


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