University of Southern California MSF Student Review #4

This is the final installment of the collection of University of Southern California MSF Student Reviews. Four great reviews from recently graduated students. Working on some additional USC content as I have been just posting reviews lately and there have been a bunch of updated I know all of you will be interested in. More to come shortly! Until then, enjoy the review.


Why did you pursue a Masters in Finance program? Why the USC MSF in particular? 

When I was about to finish my degree in economics, I did not have a clear career path plan, and I was not aware of the career options I could pursue. Academically, I did not find myself confident enough to join the workforce as I felt I still have a lot to learn. And as I am interested in finance, I wanted to pursue a Master’s in Finance program to enhance my knowledge in finance further and expand my opportunity in the field. One of the reasons I chose USC MSF is its strong curriculum that allows me to build a solid foundation and then have the chance to pursue my interest in learning more about private equity, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, hedge funds, and more. Moreover, this program at USC allows me to join the Trojan Network that will enable me to expand my network and learn from industry experts who graduated from USC. And with the career service support, I can feel prepared to pursue the career path I am interested in. More importantly, USC is in the city of Los Angeles, a lively city with full of opportunities. And with my strong passion for the entertainment industry, this program suits me perfectly.

Pros / Cons (if any) of the program?

One of the pros of this program is it has countless resources. For example, it has career service support for any help in building a resume/cover letter, interview prep, and job search. Companies also come to USC Marshall to hold info sessions almost every day. Marshall has strong relationships with numerous companies, and this is something we can take advantage of. I always have something to attend in my spare time and learn more about different companies and career paths. The Trojan Network is also a massive help in getting to know other Trojans and receiving career support. I personally received tons of help and got my summer internship from our MSF alumni. The program also has other CFA prep courses and materials for anyone interested in taking the CFA exams. So, I think there is anything for anyone, and you will receive the support you need.

Who would you recommend this degree to? 

I would recommend this degree to anyone who wants to build a solid practical foundation in finance, expand career opportunities, or anyone who wants to return to school to switch careers or further develop their skills in finance. This degree is suitable for anyone at any stage. On the other hand, this program is also a perfect match for anyone who wants to be part of a loving and supportive community with friends from different diverse backgrounds and leading experts in the field. I think it is pivotal to have a strong community that always has each other’s back at any moment of our lives.

Favorite classes or favorite aspects of your experience in the program. 

One of my favorite classes has to be the “Financial Analysis & Valuation” class taught by Professor Julia Plotts. This class is key to this program. It teaches all the fundamental financial analysis and valuation tools needed in many significant fields like investment banking, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, commercial banking, and more. My summer internship is a reflection of this class, and I can’t tell how many students have found this class valuable and practical. In addition, Professor Plotts, also our program’s academic direction, is a caring and supporting professor with solid experience in the field. She has been helping and encouraging each one of us not only academically but also in career development and our daily lives in general. Furthermore, my experience in this program has been unique, thanks to the amazing friends I met in this program. It is beautiful to have reliable friends who are there in my ups and downs.

Anything else you want to talk about that might be helpful? 

The USC MSF program is an intensive program with challenging courses and numerous chances to have fun along the way. It is the whole package for everyone to achieve their goals, but it is essential to know your purpose coming to this program and be ready to work hard for it. You will have the best time of your life if you put your heart and effort into it. This program is for everyone who wants to change their lives and is ready to work hard for it. There are plenty of resources and support for anyone to achieve success.

Here is a link to the University of Southern California MSF Program


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