University of Southern California MSF Update

The University of Southern California MSF program is gaining a lot of attention and I wanted to post an update as I have received more information regarding the program and placements from a current USC student.

The program is looking to admit 50 students for a 12 month program that will begin in late May, 2014, for graduation in May, 2015.

The MS in Finance program will be a one year, three term accelerated program. Unlike  MBA programs, there is no requirement for work experience. Students will begin coursework in late May, 2014 and will graduate at the May, 2015 Commencement.

Applicants may now apply by going to the MS Finance Website and clicking on the Apply Now! icon, which immediately brings you to the Marshall Online Application page.

A completed application will include the Marshall Online Application, an essay, a letter of recommendation, transcript of grades, TOEFL or IELTS scores (these programs are linked to the MS Finance website) for international students who did not earn a baccalaureate in an English speaking country, and, for those who wish to submit a standardized test score, GMAT (preferred) or GRE score.

The GMAT and GRE are recommended but neither is required.

There will be a rolling admissions policy, with three rounds. The first round’s deadline for a completed application package is December 1, 2013, for matriculation in May, 2014. Round 2’s deadline for a completed application package is February 1, 2014. Round 3’s deadline for a completed application package is March 15, 2014.

All of the applicants will begin their coursework in late May, 2014 with graduation expected in May, 2015. It is recommended that prospective students apply in the first round because of the expected interest in the program.

The program has 12 courses, 4 in the Summer Term, 4 in Fall Semester, and 4 in Spring Semester. Nine of the courses are required, and the students have a choice of 3 elective courses.

More detailed information is available on the University of  Southern California MSF website. Applications have already started to pour in, and many inquiries about the program have come from all over the United States and many other nations.

I have also received information on the type of banks and jobs that MSF students will be exposed to. Here are the excerpts from a current USC graduate student:

“Recruiting has been going well, had a couple of IB interviews both 1st and 2nd round.

“The opportunities are definitely there if people are willing to network a good amount.”

“Banks such as Guggenheim, GCA Savvian, GS ER, Houlihan, Wells Fargo, Duff & Phelps as well as countless others are on campus and interviewing students”


Great information and I will continue to keep posting updates as the recruiting season develops. Anyone interested in an amazing West Coast program needs to check out the University of Southern California MSF program. Good luck!


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