University of Texas at Austin Master in Finance Program Student Review

 University of Texas - Austin MSF
The University of Texas at Austin Master in Finance program is one of the newest and most popular MSF program out there. With an outstanding undergraduate and graduate business program, UTA is an outstanding place to study for your masters. I am awaiting placement results to be posted, but until then here is a review of the program from a recent graduate. Pretty in depth and a great data point for anyone trying to make their decision. Hope it helps!
1) Why an Master in Finance in general? Why University of Texas at Austin Master in Finance in particular?
I enrolled in the UT Austin MSF program in order to acquire the specialized financial quantitative competence necessary to become a strategy consultant with a top firm. The MSF curriculum provided me with the opportunity to apply my financial analysis skills through a practicum that now enables me to provide targeted client investment objectives, value creation strategies and business valuation decisions, which are all essential knowledge for a strategy consultant.UT Austin, in particular, stood out for three main reasons. First, as an undergrad from UT Austin engineering I knew that the McCombs Business School created top-notch programs with some of the best faculty in the world. Second, as part of the inaugural class my fellow classmates and I had the opportunity to make our mark on the program and help it succeed. Finally, no other city in the world can compare to Austin when it comes to what is important for me: the nexus of entrepreneurship, a collegial atmosphere, the outdoors, and live music!

2) Pros/Cons (if any) of the degree and UTA experience?
UT Austin put together an excellent Master in Finance program with many pros. First, we were taught by the strongest faculty in the department, teamed with excellent peers from around the world, and completed a rigorous and practical academic curriculum in under 10 months. Second, we had the opportunity to partner with a wide array of firms from blue chip companies to local start-ups during our practicum projects across a wide array of industries. Third, we also were challenged to complete a research paper in one of our courses, which taught us how to communicate the language of finance and is essential for any M.S. program.
The only “con” that comes to mind regards the 10-month accelerated nature of the program. From Day 1 in July to the end in May the program is intense. Coming from an engineering background I expected at most the same difficulty and time crunch, but the MSF proved the more challenging. Looking back I am thankful for the rigor and pace of the program because it challenged me to work hard, prioritize and truly value my time in the program.

3) Who would you recommend an Master in Finance to?
I would recommend the UT Austin MSF to outstanding students from all backgrounds who are looking for an intimate (50 student) experience and strong qualitative and quantitative finance education who are aiming for a finance/investment/consulting position in Texas.
4) Anything else. Feel free to talk about recruiting, groups you were involved in, Texas/Austin, job search, etc. Anything you want.  
Recruiting at UT Austin begins before fall classes start and can last until April. Therefore, it is crucial to already have targeted firms and industries in mind as well as some interview prep completed before summer classes begin. Additionally, most firms recruit for the Texas market, although some students interviewed with companies in the New York and West Coast areas. There are many job posting exclusively for Masters in Finance students and although some of the more popular firms recruit from across campus, all of the big names in finance recruit from UT Austin.
One of the best selling points of the UT Austin MSF is it’s location in the heart of Texas: Austin. The city has an unbeatable atmosphere, great job opportunities, and excellent extracurricular activities. Akin to Austin, UT Austin offers unparalleled opportunities for campus involvement in over 500 student clubs and with a student population above 50,000. The UT Austin Master in Finance program is truly an excellent 10-month investment.


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