University of Virginia Master in Commerce Program Information and Salary Data

University of Virginia Master in Commerce program just put out their destination report which outlines who is recruiting at UVA and various other data points.  It gives you a good idea of what to expect and what your peer group looks like. As mentioned before, I have a ton of respect for the program.

I know a current student and in our conversations, he has really impressed me with the level UVA is playing at. Their entrance criteria is a little unique, but if you are eligible, I strongly suggest you consider the program

Here are the excerpts from the report:

Class size 2010 : 72 (1/3 female)

2/3rd US Citizens

1/3rd into Finance; 2/3rds into Marketing & Management

Average base salary for the finance students : $59, 429

That isn’t too bad. The salary reflects the fact that you have people going to NYC making $70K or higher and some people going to regional offices which tend to pay $60K or so.

Here is the report in its entirety:

UVA Destination Report


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