University of Virginia Masters in Commerce Ranking

The Economist just came out with their 2017 Masters in Management ranking and the University of Virginia Masters in Commerce program was ranking best in the USA and second best in the world. This is extremely impressive as UVA ranked higher than a number of highly prestigious European institutions, as well as Notre Dame and Wake Forest (Duke University wasn’t included in the ranking). I think this is great news as the UVA program has consistently placed well in a number of fields and really stayed true to themselves.

Overall, I think having the Economist rank these programs is great for the specialized masters community as a whole. This gives these programs more attention and the more well known they become, the more respect and attention they will get from hiring managers. I hope that other well known business publications take notice and start ranking these programs. Once Businessweek and US News start recognizing that these programs are growing in demand and prominence, recruiters and other employers will make a greater effort to directly recruit these students.

For a full ranking, please check out The Economist 2017 Ranking here.

And for those interested in learning more about this top US masters in commerce program, please follow the below link!

Here is a link to the University of Virginia Masters in Commerce Program


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