US News Specialize Masters Article

US news has a nice article on the specialized masters degrees, mainly the Masters in Business. The Wake Forest program gets a much deserved shout out. Very informative.

“Wake’s program, founded three years ago, is one of several graduate programs that have recently started targeting students without business experience. Prominent business schools that offer similar degrees include those at Duke University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Florida, which created the first such program in 2000. Steve Reinemund, dean of business at Wake Forest, claims the M.A. program gives students an avenue to sharpen broad skills—­like communication and critical thinking­—they developed as undergraduates, which they may not know how to implement in the professional setting without specific training in areas like teamwork, marketing, or accounting. “[Our students] come in, they have lots of energy, a broad background, and some drive, but really have no clue about business or how to apply it,” he says. “

You can read more about the US News Specialized Business Programs article here



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