Washington University in St. Louis MSF Update – March 2023

Long overdue update on the Washington University in St. Louis MSF program. This is one of the older, more established program and is continually popular with students. I will make this a longer post as there is a bunch to update everyone on this MSF.

Class Profile 2022-2023

WUSTL has a number of tracks and they consider each one to be effectively an individual MSF. Because of this, they break out their stats and class profiles by each track. I’ve included the profile for the previous year here so you can compare.

MS Finance incoming class of 2022–23 academic year

Program: Corporate Finance and Investments Wealth and Asset Management Quantitative
Total number of students: 72 125 93
Average age: 23 23 23
Average GMAT: 681 694 693
Average GRE V | Q: 159 | 166 160 | 168 158 | 168
Average GPA: 3.5 3.5 3.5
Women: 21% 39% 35%
International students: 89% 99% 99%
Average TOEFL: 105 106 104


My takeaways – Corp Finance has remained pretty consistent. GPA, GRE and GMAT has increased slightly. Wealth and Quant have seen scores tick up as well. What has changed is the number of students in both the Wealth and Quant programs. Both have seen sizable declines, which is to be expected with COVID and the restrictions China and the US has placed.

Admission Deadline

Right now there are rolling admissions for anyone interested. The final official round was last week (March 22nd). Anyone that applies now should receive their results within 3 weeks of submitting the application.


Below are is the tuition cost for each of the programs. This information is as of 3/28/23 so check the official site in case things change.

  • Corporate Finance – $74,200
  • Quantitative Finance – $96,500
  • Wealth and Asset Management – $96,500

Placement Statistics

I had to do some digging, but I was able to find the most up to date placement stats for all of WUSTL’s specialized masters degrees. Below is the information that I thought was particularly interesting. You can look at the full report here.

Employment Rate

  • MSFC – 58%
  • MSFQ – 84%

Couple thoughts.

  1. Doesn’t seem to be any information on the wealth management track. Unsure why this is. If you are considering this path, make sure to discuss placements, salaries and outcomes with admissions.
  2. Salaries – MSFC – $39,000 average / MSFQ – $64,100. The issue here is that the program is largely international and I wonder if they are adjusting salaries for international placements. I have seen some schools do that as graduates who go back to Asia to work will have lower starting salaries, but much lower costs. Have to look at things apples to apples.
  3. Job Sources – 70% of jobs that MSF graduates receive are sourced themselves. The other 30% come from on campus recruiting and the career office. Take note of this. You will need to network in order to be successful.

I will try and keep on top of this program as I know people are interested in it. In the meantime, hope this helps anyone considering applying.


Here is a link to the Washington University in St. Louis MSF program


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