Washington University in St. Louis MSF Update – January 2022

It has been far too long since I last updated everyone on the Washington University in St. Louis MSF program. I checked the site and a number of things have changed as well as new information that should interest anyone researching programs to apply to. Check out the updates below. Enjoy!

Class Profile 2020-21

WUSTL does a nice job of showing each program track side by side with a lot of detail. I’ve posted class profiles before (here) so you can compare how things have changed over the years.

Corporate Finance & InvestmentsWealth & Asset ManagementQuantitative
Total # of Students:69191181
Average GMAT:670688701
Average GRE V|Q:151 | 166154 | 166153 | 167
Average GPA:
International %:91%97%97%

My first take away is that enrollment and admission is up. All of the programs have grown substantially with a lot of students. International students now make up most of all the programs (compare this with the 2017 class profile). Not a bad thing, just shows that over the years the reputation and interest in the program has grown around the world.

GMAT, GPA and GRE scores have all stayed relatively the same. Great to see a program be able to increase in size without sacrificing quality much.

Thoughts on this – if you are interested in getting a MSF from Washington University in St. Louis, there is plenty of room for you as long as you have a decent profile. And with so many students, the program is able to accept individuals with slightly weaker paper scores as they can offset this much more easily.

Admission Deadlines

The 2nd round application deadline just passed, but anyone interested still has one more formal application round before rolling admissions.

  • Round 3 – March 24th, 2022 – Notification on or before April 28th, 2022

After this there is a rolling period and you should know your status approximately 3 weeks after submission.

Part Time Option

I think I have mentioned this in the past, but if you are local, you can apply for the program on a part time basis (Corporate Finance and Investments Program). A really great option for working professionals. Email admissions for more information.


Below are is the tuition cost for each of the programs. This information is as of 1/27/22 so check the official site in case things change.

  • Corporate Finance – $69,950
  • Quantitative Finance – $90,935
  • Wealth and Asset Management – $90,935

Placement Statistics

I had to do some digging, but I was able to find the most up to date placement stats for all of WUSTL’s specialized masters degrees. Below is the information that I thought was particularly interesting. You can look at the full report here.

Employment Rate

  • MSFC – 62%
  • MSFQ – 77%
  • MSFWAM – 74%

From the schools website: The percentage of graduates for whom we have post-graduation information is 52%. Graduation dates were December 18, 2019, and May 15, 2020. This report represents employment by December 2020.

So my thoughts. These stats are a little lower than I would want to see, but the program is heavily international and those students are a little more difficult to place in the US (visa issues) and often times seek additional higher education.


  • MSFQ – Average Starting Salary $61,000 ($17,100 signing bonus)
  • MSFWAM – Average Starting Salary $41,300

I think this data is most likely lower than actuality and skewed by overseas salaries as well as unreported information. The MSFQ salaries look in line with what can be expected for an entry level finance career.

Information Sessions

The university has a number of upcoming information sessions where you can learn about the program as well as ask questions. You can find a full list of there here.

As you can see, a lot going on at the Washington University in St. Louis MSF program. My contact there has changed careers so I am going to reach out and see if I can get some additional color for everyone. Until then, hope you found this helpful. Keep checking back for more.


Here is a link to the Washington University in St. Louis MSF program



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