MIT just released their master in finance employment report for 2011. It seems as if every year gets better for the program. The program is one of the best MSF offerings in the US and continues to expand and strengthen their reputation. This is the second of MIT’s master in finance placement reports that I have seen and look forward to the third.

I will include a link to the full PDF, but here are some excerpts:

“85% of job seeking students received an offer by graduations. 91.5% received an offer by three months after graduation”

Average Base Salary

US Citizen (or Permanent Resident) – $105,000

Non – US Citizen – $76,679


Employers Hiring Members of the Class of 2011

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Barclays Capital


BNP Paribas

Boston Consulting Group

Cambridge Associates


Credit Suisse


Deutsche Bank

FEIS Trading


Goldman Sachs

ICICI Equity Research

Jane St.

JP Morgan

McKinsey & Co

Morgan Stanley

Oliver Wyman

Opera Solutions


Raymond James


Sambreel Holdings

Scout Capital

Standard Charter Wholesale Banking



About 50% of the class went into investment banking and 25% went into consulting. Pretty interesting mix.


Here is the full report.


Here is a link to the MIT Master in Finance Program