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University of Cambridge Master in Finance Blog Update

The director of the University of Cambridge Master in Finance program keeps a regular blog and has just posted regarding the degree and job market (as it pertains to the UK job scene).  Placement stats upon graduation were very good which shows the strength of the brand

Barcelona GSE Master in Finance Program Update

The Barcelona GSE Master in Finance program has been featured on the site before, but has recently updated their website with new information that I wanted to bring to all of your attention. I also posted some videos that Barcelona put out that were pretty nice. The

Pacific Lutheran University Master in Finance Program Student Review

The Master in Finance program at Pacific Lutheran University is going on its second year and I am pleased to report that it is doing very well. I’ve been in contact with the school since the program started up and have been able to watch it grow

The Ohio State University Master in Finance Program Student Review #2

The Ohio State University Master in Finance program continues to do well and I am luck enough to have another student review of the program. This is a more recent review than the original one so it should be reflective of any changes that have occurred since the

Specialized Masters Article on The Wall Street Journal

  The specialized masters degree continues to gain attention which is a benefit to all of us. Melissa Korn just wrote a great piece for the Wall Street Journal talking about the degree as a possible alternative to the MBA. This makes sense and as more programs

Baruch College Zicklin School of Business Executive Master in Finance Program

Baruch College offers an executive master in finance degree for students located in New York City. I’ve blogged about the program before, but they have updated their site and I wanted to bring this to your attention. The program is 10 months long and allow individuals to

Imperial College London Master in Finance Career and Placement Information

I don’t talk enough about UK and European Master in Finance programs so this is my attempt at correcting this deficiency. Imperial College London is one of the top MSF programs across the pond. In the UK (and in Europe) the Masters in Finance is much more

University of Rochester NYC Master in Finance – Last Chance!

The University of Rochester is just about to kick off their 2013-2014 New York City Master in Finance class, but there are a few spots still open. If anyone is in or around the NYC area and looking at a specialized masters you should check this program

INSEAD Master in Finance Programme

Santa Clara University Master in Finance Program

The Santa Clara University just announced that they will be offering a Master in Finance degree starting this year. I am excited to announce this coming off the heals of USC’s announcement (and subsequent putting on hold) of their Master in Finance program. Looks like those interested

Ohio State Master in Finance Placement Information

The Ohio State University Master in Finance program is onto their second class right now, but has recently posted some career information related to their first cohort. They boost a 90% placement 6 months out which is very good for a first year program. A good mix

Washington University St. Louis Global Master in Finance

Washington University – St. Louis is home to one of the best Master in Finance degrees in the US. They are now starting a dual degree MSF ideally suited for students with an international focus and interest. Students receive their Master in Finance from WUSTL and a

IBanking Insider

IBanking Insider is another great website helping people break into investment banking and other careers in finance. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders and was really impressed with their focus, materials and roster of people available to help those struggling to get

Vanderbilt University Master in Finance Article

I came across a great write up on the master in finance program at Vanderbilt. The article talks about a recent Vanderbilt undergraduate and how he came back for another shot at recruiting and to further their education. It also talks about the differences between an MBA

University of Rochester Master in Finance Student Review

The University of Rochester Master in Finance program is a strong option for those interested in a great branded business school. With the addition of their New York City campus, Rochester really has a lot of good things going for them. ————- Two things really stick out

Villanova University Master in Finance Student Review #3

The Villanova University Master in Finance is a very popular northeastern MSF program and also where I did my degree. I try and post up as many reviews and opinions of the program outside of my own to make sure that objectivity is remained. Well here is

The Ohio State University 2012 Middle Market Summit

The Ohio State University and their Master in Finance class was privileged to host the 2012 Middle Market Summit, a meeting of CEOs, academics, policy makers, and industry experts from across the country for a meaningful discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing the middle market today – and

Lewis University Master in Finance Program Student Review

A member of the MSF LinkedIn group was kind enough to provide this student review of the Lewis University Master in Finance program. Located approximately an hour outside of Chicago, the Lewis MSF provides a great opportunity for anyone looking for advance their education. ————————————————————– 1) Why

Specialized Programs in Graduate Business 2012-2013 Schedule

The Specialized Programs in Graduate Business is a consortium of specialized masters programs (Master in Finance, Masters in Accounting and Masters in Management) that travels around the country and gives students the opportunity to meet with admissions staff and alumni of all the various programs at one

2012 Pacific Lutheran University Class Stats

The Pacific Lutheran University kicked off their inaugural Master in Finance class this year to much success. It is always tough recruiting and starting the first class of a program and I think this can be called a success. Recruiting for next year has begun so make sure

Grenoble Ecole De Management Master in Finance Program