Boston College Masters in Finance Program Update – March 2022

I was checking out the Boston College Masters in Finance program that other day and some new things caught my eye that I figured would be worth updating everyone on. This is one of the older programs in the United States, in fact, it was one of the few I considered back in 2009 when I did my MSF. Boston has had a consistently strong program for years and it is always one that students ask about.

Class Profile

The BC MSF has class profiles for both the full time and part time class. I think this is very helpful as these students will be fundamentally different. Being able to pursue a MSF from such a great school while still working has always been an incredible advantage that this program has offered. Glad to see it still thriving.

Full Time MSF

  • Average UG GPA – 3.43
  • Average GMAT – 658
    • GMAT 80th Percentile – 540-740
  • Average GRE – 318
    • GRE 80th Percentile – 305-330
  • International – 63%
  • Female – 36%

Part Time MSF

  • Average UG GPA – 3.5
  • Average Work Experience – 2.5 years
  • Female – 11%

Couple take aways.


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