Boston College Masters in Finance Program Update – November 2020

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I’ve been getting a number of emails about the Boston College Masters in Finance program recently and I figured it is time to update everyone on this program. BC is one of the oldest, more established MSF programs in the states and it was one I looked at a decade ago when I was trying to decide which Masters in Finance I was going to apply to. Over the years, BC has gone from a part time program, to offering a full time option as well as a quantitative finance focus. All of these additions have increased the popularity of this MSF and Boston College continues to be one of the best programs in the country.


2020 Class Profile

I posted a handful of months ago about the 2019 class profile, among other things, and I was pleased to see that they school has updated their most recent class stats. You can find the full article I wrote here, which is nice for comparison purposes. As we all can imagine, this has been a difficult year to say the least. The BC MSF program seems to have done a very nice job keeping standards high, while still recruiting a strong class. They’ve even been able to increase the number of domestic students, something that is not easy to do right now.

Full Time

  • Avg GPA – 3.42
  • Avg GMAT – 671
  • Avg Age – 23
  • International – 71%

Part Time

  • Avg GPA – 3.13
  • Avg Age – 26
  • Work Experience – 3.4 years


Career Information

The Boston College Masters in Finance program has updated their placement information. It is a little confusing since they group all the years together, but you can deduce the last years placements to a limited extent by comparing the names from my previous post (linked above) and the current website.

By Track (%)Avg
Business Analytics38%$69,700$11,167$6,286$90,152
Marketing & Management27%$66,643$9,311$3,250$79,204

This is a pretty strong list of banks and other well known firms. I would encourage anyone strongly interested in the program to reach out to the career office. I am sure they can tell you what class year placed into these firms, as well as if there are multiple alumni at these companies.


Application Deadlines

I want to end this update with a post on the upcoming deadlines.

Full Time – February 16th, 2021

Part Time

  • January 2021 Start – December 8th, 2020 deadline
  • August 2021 Start – January 19th, 2021 deadline

As you can see, plenty of time for either program you would be interested in. Please note that students who are applying to the part time option have the ability to request a waiver for the GRE/GMAT.

Hope you all found this helpful. The BC program continues to be one of the top in the country with a lot of interest. Keep checking back for additional updates in the future.


Here is a link to the Boston College Masters in Finance Program


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