Brandeis Master in Finance


The Brandeis Master in Finance degree is another great option in Boston. The program is very internationally focused with a week long summer session that is located in a variety of  international locations (Tokyo, Paris, London, etc).

The business school is officially “The International Business School” so I think international exposure  is what they want to promote.

I managed to find some placement information. Here are some firms that employ MSF graduates:

Company Position
State Street Global Advisers Principal
Fidelity Capital Markets Senior Project Manager
Standard and Poor’s Associate Director
American Express SIS Manager
Bank of America Financial Services Manager
Citizens Bank Head Trader
Equis Financial Group Senior Account Manager
Pioneer Investments Europe Trade Desk
John Hancock Mutual Life Financial Control Analyst
Shawmut Mills Business Manager


More placement information can be found here.


Here is a link to the Brandeis Master in Finance program



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