Changes at WUSTL Master in Finance

Olin School of Business

Look like the Washington University in St. Louis Master in Finance program is making some changes and I think they are great. This will really allows students to specialize in the area of finance that they are most interested in. I know some WUSTL students and have a very high opinion of the program. Definitely take a look if you get a chance.

WUSTL MSF Program Update


I am very pleased to announce that the MS/Finance Program at Washington University’s Olin Business School now offers two tracks – “Corporate Finance & Investments” and “Quantitative Finance.”  We have created these different tracks to directly equip our students with the specific skills needed to meet the demands of today’s finance industry.

As Academic Director for the Corporate Finance & Investments Track, I am seeking students who would like to significantly enhance their career prospects in the main areas of investment banking, asset management, sales & trading, and industry finance. This program will require just two semesters to complete.  The curriculum for the new Corporate Finance & Investments Track has been designed to best suit both the theoretical and practical needs of the finance industry and has been crafted along the lines of the preparation our most successful placements have had.

While still offering a challenging program in financial studies, we have replaced some of the more quantitative coursework with a large selection of outstanding and employer-demanded electives that include, among others, “Venture Capital & Private Equity” and “Analysis of Financial Institutions & Financial Instruments”.  The availability of a variety of elective choices did not exist in our old MS/Finance curriculum, and this added flexibility will allow you to tailor your studies to your specific career goals.  We will work with you personally to make the best possible choice.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to discuss the Corporate Finance & Investments Track in more depth.

Complementing our Corporate Finance & Investments Track is the new Quantitative Finance Track, which is being introduced to significantly enhance the career prospects of all students who pursue this more technical path through Olin’s MS/Finance program. The curriculum for the newQuantitative Finance Track has been designed to best suit the needs of the quantitative finance industry and this program will require three semesters to complete. This new track will offer substantially stronger preparation in quantitative finance subjects than does our old MSF curriculum while still providing a solid foundation in essential financial theory and concepts.  The Academic Director for the Quantitative Finance Track is my colleague Professor Hong Liu.

For your perusal, the curriculum for two different MS/Finance tracks is attached with this letter.  Again, if you should have any questions about the Corporate Finance & Investments Track, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by email.

Here is a link to the Washington University in St. Louis Master in Finance program


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