Claremont McKenna Class of 2013 Masters in Finance

Claremont McKenna has posted information on their 2012 MSF class and it is impressive as ever. The program boasted an 11% admissions rate laster year, with a class size of 25 (up from 17 the year before). Average GPA for last years class was a 3.63 with an average GMAT of 729.

With a 2013 class size of 25 and similar stats as the year before Claremont ranks as one of the most selective Master in Finance programs out there. Here is a link to the current years student profiles and resumes for those looking to gauge how they would stack up to those admitted.

The CMC MSF also makes an effort to professionally develop students through a variety of program long activities. These include financial modeling workshops, interview skills and public speaking and debate practice. Check out the full list of activities here.

I am currently waiting for the school to update placement stats and the 2013 class profile (GMAT, GPA, etc). Once that is put online I will update this post.

Here is a link to the Claremont McKenna Master in Finance program


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