Georgia State University Masters in Finance Student Perspectives

Georgia State University MSF Program

The Georgia State University Masters in Finance program has a number of student perspectives on their site that I found very interesting. Any time you have the opportunity to hear from students who were in the program you are considering applying to, it is a good thing. Well GSU has two great interviews from alumni who graduated from the MSF program in 2014 and 2017. I found the interviews to be very interesting and wanted to highlight them for all of you. Summaries and links to the full interviews are below. Enjoy!

Elnaz Younesian, M.S. in Finance: Driving Her Career Forward

“Elnaz Younesian, Master of Science in Finance ’14, has proven that Atlanta is a great place to build a career.

Originally from Iran, Younesain earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology and an MBA from Universiti Putra Malaysia.

She chose to attend Robinson because the M.S.F. program is highly ranked and located in Atlanta, home of numerous Fortune 500 companies.”

“She became familiar with Zep Inc. after their CFO visited the M.S.F. program as a guest speaker. She gained valuable experience as a tax associate with Zep Inc. before taking her current position as a portfolio accountant with Porsche Financial Services, the automobile manufacturer’s financial department.”


Brandon Black, M.S. in Finance, and Genna Brown, Sr. Lecturer – A Reason to Splurge

“Genna Brown and Brandon Black are nothing alike. In fact, one might call them total opposites. There’s the obvious dichotomy—she’s the instructor, and he’s the student. (Brown serves as a senior lecturer of finance at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business, where Black earned his B.B.A. and M.S. in Finance degrees in 2015 and 2017.)”

“Black took Brown’s undergraduate Corporation Finance course and has kept in touch with her since becoming a finance manager at The Coca-Cola Company. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, they launched online auction site GIVIN, which allows sellers to route their proceeds to any 501(3)(c). Black thinks their differences make them ideal nonprofit partners.”


What I liked best about these interviews is how different each alumni was. The best part about a masters in finance is the degree can be used to catapult you into any number of careers and industries. I especially think the Georgia State University program does a good job with bringing local executives on campus, providing students with the opportunity to network and hear about a variety of career possibilities.

I should have another post for all of you relatively soon. In the meantime, hope this helps!


Here is a link to the Georgia State University Masters in Finance Program



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