Georgia State University Masters in Finance Update – July 2018

Georgia State University MSF Program

The Georgia State University Masters in Finance program continues to innovated and updated their program. I personally love this as it shows they are listening to the demands of their students and always trying to improve. Also gives me something to continually write about. I should also be posting an updated student review soon, as well as a new type of post format that I think will help anyone who is trying to consider how an MSF impacts their career past the initial job offer. More to come!

Focus on Analytics and FinTech

  • Georgia State rolled out a number of FinTech classes last time I posted, mainly focusing on Block Chain and Cryptocurrencies. Well they have added to these classes in an effort to continue to remain cutting edge and provide students with new, relevant classes. Additionally, they have added a 4th specialization for MSF students – Financial Analytics.

New electives:

  • Introduction to FinTech (New as of Spring 2018)
    • Description: Financial technologies (FinTech) are innovative applications of technology that are rapidly reshaping the financial services industries. This course provides an introduction to FinTech applications such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, alternative lending, machine learning and robo-advising. Students will develop a broad understanding of recent FinTech developments and their impact in the financial services industries. Students also will engage in hands-on problem solving experiences that can lead to useful FinTech applications and innovation.

You can read about the Georgia State University Blockchain competition here.

  • Blockchain Business Disruption (New for Fall 2018)
    • Description: Blockchain technology is one of the fastest developing technologies that is transforming finance and other businesses, including banking, payments, financing, securities exchanges, real estate, insurance, supply chains, healthcare, media, and other industries. This graduate course provides an introduction to blockchain technology and its disruptive roles in business. Students will have hands-on and problem solving experiences that can be useful in blockchain applications and innovation. Topics may include but are not limited to: blockchain and cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Quorum, Corda, etc.), smart contracts, decentralized applications, applications of blockchain technologies in various business areas.
  • Financing Innovation (New for Spring 2019)
    • Description: The first part of the course focuses on learning how to use the tools of corporate finance to make business decisions and understand startup valuation. The second part will focus on capital raising and financing of ventures at different stages in their life cycle, including the new opportunities opened up in Fintech such as crowdfunding and alternative lending. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: evaluation of startup business opportunities, valuation of entrepreneurial firms, venture capital cycle, new financing models in Fintech, and exit options in entrepreneurial investments.

Next Financial Leadership Symposium will be held in fall 2018 (likely Wednesday November 14th). Here’s a link to the article about the fall 2017 FLS on private equity.

16 Month Program Option – Program begins in August every year and that cohort graduates the following December. Georgia State University has extended it from one year to allow students the opportunity to intern in the summer and/or fall semester.

Tuition: $37,500 for Georgia residents; $42,500 for Non-Georgia residents. There are a number of graduate assistantships with tuition waivers available!

For those still interested in applying, the program is still accepting applicants for the Fall 2018 class. Interested prospects can apply here


Here is a link to the Georgia State University Masters in Finance Program


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