Georgia State University MSF Program Student Review #2

Georgia State University MSF Program

The Georgia State University MSF program has been changing a lot recently and I have been lucky enough to get another student review of the program. A few small updated before we get to the student review.

Tuition – with the increase in length of the program, GSU has made a small increase in the tuition price. It is currently $39,000 for GA residents and $44,000 for non-GA residents. They’ve also updated and improved the website (a link will be provided down below).

Why a masters in finance? Why Georgia State University specifically?

I am deeply passionate about the field of corporate finance. After working in financial services and running my own business in India for a few years, I began looking for a path back into the corporate finance world. I happened to hear about the Master of Science in Finance program at Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business while on a trip to Atlanta. Through my research of the program, particularly what I discovered concerning the faculty, I was sold! Out of everything, I would say the stellar credentials of the faculty really sparked my interest most. As I reviewed their backgrounds, I was quite impressed.

Who would you recommend to and why?

The ideal candidate for the Master of Science in Finance program would be someone who already has a few years of experience in finance and is extremely passionate about the field. For someone looking for a refresher or basic education in finance, I would recommend looking into a MBA in Finance instead.

Pros/cons of this degree?

The program has positively impacted me in two areas: 1.) it has solidified my understanding of financial concepts through sound, practical application and case-based studies, and 2.) it has provided the opportunity to network with some renown finance practitioners in Atlanta. The networking opportunity was really amplified due to the mentorship program which provides students with an opportunity to meet with executives from top firms in Atlanta.

I have so many other fond memories as well, from the close friends I’ve made throughout this journey, my brothers in arms, to the phenomenal instruction I’ve received from the faculty.

Concerning cons, I would say the duration of the program is too short. However, I’m understanding that this has been addressed and the program length has been extended. While an eleven month program may sound ideal initially, extending provides students more time to secure internships and also reduces the workload. Another problem (that I believe was also fixed) was the lack of Excel training sessions. Most students need a refresher course being that Excel plays a major role in coursework.

Anything else?

Atlanta is a great city! 1.) It is affordable, 2.) The people are friendly, and 3.) There is a large pool of corporations based in the city. One last piece of advice for prospective students: network at every single opportunity. I built some great connections with alumni. The MSFI provides a great platform to network but you have to be willing and prepared. You will come into contact with classmates that are seasoned professionals, prestigious guest speakers, and events hosted by Georgia State that draw industry experts. Utilize those resources!

Here is a link to the Georgia State University MSF Program


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