Georgia State University MSF Program Update – January 2016

Georgia State University MSF Program

There have been some changes at the Georgia State University MSF program as of recent and I thought it would be informative to get the message out. The first major change is the start date of the program. Originally beginning in January, the program now starts in August. This is in line with most other programs and will allow recent graduates to intern before the program starts. Those working will now be able to follow a more traditional fall-spring timeline.

Additionally, the program length has been increased from 11 months to 16 months. This was done in order to spread out the work load that was back loaded and also give individuals time to intern during the program.

Another great update is regarding the programs Board of Advisors and mentorship program. Georgia State has recently added ICE to their list of board of advisors. The CFO of ICE is also now mentoring students, along with a number of other CFOs including RockTenn, Turner Broadcasting, Chick-Fil-A, Atlanta Falcons ,Georgia Pacific and many others. This Board of Advisors group hold meetings for students and also help GSU graduates obtain jobs.

These are a few changes this great program is making. With its flexible format and Buckhead location, the Georgia State University MSF program is looking to grow and expand its presence. The schools is continually working to expand corporate partnerships and really help its students transition from the classroom to full time employment. I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted as more updated become available.

Here is a link to the Georgia State University Masters in Finance Program


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